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Clean Trucks

Ports Propose Clean Trucks Program
Initiative to Cut Air Pollution from Harbor Trucks by 80%

The ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles have launched a Clean Trucks Program that will reduce air pollution from harbor trucks by more than 80 percent within five years.

The Clean Trucks Program is outlined in the Clean Air Action Plan, and will be administered jointly by the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles. Diesel-powered harbor trucks are a major source of air pollution. The Clean Trucks Program calls for drayage truck owners to scrap and replace about 16,000 polluting trucks working at the ports, with the assistance of a port-sponsored grant or loan subsidy.

Beginning October 1, 2008, pre-1989 trucks will be banned. The program progressively bans all trucks that don't meet 2007 emission standards by 2012. To finance the $2 billion truck replacement program, the ports will levy on loaded containers ($35 per loaded twenty-foot equivalent unit) also beginning October 1, 2008. (Beginning January 2009, the ports will also collect a separate, $15 per TEU cargo fee to finance $1.4 billion in roadway, rail and bridge projects.)

For more information about the Port of Long Beach's Clean Trucks Program, click here. For more information about the Port of Los Angeles' Clean Truck Program, click here.

 DTR Fee Transfer Tutorial (467.8 KB)
 DTR Payment Tutorial (796.5 KB)
 CTF Exemption Sheet (comparing POLB to POLA) (23.7 KB)
 Prop. 1B Cean Truck Grants (82.7 KB)
 Port of Los Angeles Clean Trucks Concession Application (312.6 KB)
 Port of Long Beach Clean Trucks Concession Application (52.4 KB)
 Port of Los Angeles Clean Trucks Concession Agreement (328.1 KB)
 BACT-LNG Slides (642.8 KB)
 BACT & LNG - White Paper - Final (32.3 KB)
 Clean Trucks Tariff Fact Sheet (51.9 KB)
 October 12 Joint Meeting Agenda (7.1 KB)
 Moffatt & Nichol/BST Diversion and Economic Impact Study (1.13 MB)
 Moffatt & Nichol/ BST study executive summary (1.14 MB)
 Husing Full Economic Impact Report (1020.7 KB)
 Husing Economic Impact Report -- Executive Summary (45.1 KB)
 Husing Powerpoint Spanish version (838.7 KB)
 Clean Trucks/CARB comparison (146.7 KB)
 Husing Economic Study PowerPoint (787.2 KB)
 CARB Clean Trucks Proposal (1.08 MB)
 Moffatt & Nichol Scope of Work (213.7 KB)
 Modified LNG Truck RFP (706.8 KB)
 Programa Camiones Limpios (274 KB)
 Scope of Work for Economic Impact Analysis on Proposed Clean Trucks Program (24 KB)
 Truck Program Comments Summary 06-25-07 (28.4 KB)
 Revised Concession Requirements Fact Sheet 06-26-07 (36.9 KB)
 Camiones Limpios Hoja del Hecho (258 KB)
 Camiones Limpios Preguntas y Respuestas (271 KB)
 Motor Carriers Informational Workshop (49.7 KB)
 Clean Trucks Questions & Comments (65.2 KB)
 Clean Trucks Fact Sheet (219.3 KB)
 Port Presents Clean Trucks Program (118 KB)
 CAAP Stakeholder Presentation (90.1 KB)
 CAAP Stakeholder List (11.4 KB)
 Clean Trucks Q&A (136.2 KB)

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