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San Pedro Bay Standards

For the first time ever, the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach have proposed long-term goals for emissions and health-risk reductions for the overall two-port complex. The ports have proposed these San Pedro Bay Standards as a means of reducing their “fair share” of pollutants in the local region.

The following draft San Pedro Bay Standards have been developed by the ports for reducing air pollutant emissions and health risk, relative to the base year, 2005:

By 2014, reduce port-related emissions by 22 percent for NOx, 93 percent for SOx, and 72 percent for DPM.

By 2023, reduce port-related emissions by 59 percent for NOx, 92 percent for SOx and 77 percent for DPM.

In addition, the ports have developed a “health-risk reduction standard,” that will aim by 2020 to lower the risk of contracting cancer due to diesel particulate pollution by 85 percent in the port region and in the communities adjacent the ports.

The ports will track their progress in achieving CAAP standards with annual emissions inventories. These inventories, which are made public, already have shown progress from 2005 to 2008 in reducing air pollution from port-related sources.Air pollution from port-related sources is targeted by a combination of requiring or incentivizing the goods movement industry to use cleaner technology and operational systems that reduce air pollution from the trucks, trains, ships, harbor craft, terminal equipment.Even if cargo increases as expected, air pollution will be significantly reduced.

The draft San Pedro Bay Standards set goals beyond what the ports can demonstrate with current technologies and strategies. But the ports feel it is necessary to establish aggressive objectives to try to meet clean air and health needs of the local community and region. The ports are helping to spur the development of new technologies that will be useful in this effort.

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