Ports’ Technology Advancement Program

The Ports are committed to encouraging the development of cutting-edge emission-reduction technologies. To that end, the Ports set aside money each year for the Technology Advancement Program, aka TAP, which provides funding, guidance, and staff support to test promising air technologies in a real-world port environment.

Our goal is to get successful technologies to the port market as quickly as possible. That’s why we work closely with technology developers, regulatory agencies, and our port industry partners to take these technologies from testing to commercialization and – ultimately – widespread adoption.

Technology Inquiry

The Port of Long Beach and Port of Los Angeles have released a Technology Inquiry to obtain information about hybrid, near-zero and zero-emission cargo handling equipment technologies in preparation for grant opportunities anticipated over the 2016–2017 fiscal year. The Ports intend to apply for these grants as appropriate, working with technology manufacturers and terminal operators as partners. In order to identify potential technology partners, the Ports are collecting information about applicable technologies and the associated technology company experience. This information may also be used to connect interested terminal operators to technology companies for future demonstrations. The goal is for the Ports to maintain up-to-date information on potential demonstration partners so that as new grant funding programs are released the Ports will be able to respond effectively and in a timely manner.

Read the Technology Inquiry


Guidelines for Equipment Technology

If you’re proposing a technology for ships, please be sure to review the ARB’s Recommended Emissions Testing Guidelines for Ocean-Going Vessels.

If you're proposing a technology for trucks, please be sure to review the San Pedro Bay Ports Zero/Near-Zero Emissions Drayage Truck Testing and Demonstration Guidelines.

Charging Outlet Standards for Cargo-Handling Equipment

TAP Fact Sheets

Annual Reports

Every year, the Ports report on their technology advancement progress through the TAP Annual Report.

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